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App Update

- November 5, 2013 -

I’ve been busy with other projects over the past couple of months, but there is lots of news to report on the app front. Shout Science! was recently nominated for a Cybils Award for best book app of 2013. It was also reviewed by Avatar Generation and Kirkus Reviews, and I did an interview for a podcast that will be available sometime this month.

Version 1.1 of Shout Science was released yesterday, so please update your app. I’ve fixed a small animation error in Animalcules and optimized the icon for iOS7.

Also, I’ve had lots of questions from readers about releasing more stories. Currently there is no short-term plan to add more. I have additional stories outlined, and a plan to update the code to add them as in-app purchases. However, money and time are limiting factors at the moment. Hopefully 2014 will will bring me more opportunities to create.

Stay tuned, and thanks to all of my readers for your support!



Opening Week

- July 26, 2013 -

It’s been a great opening week for Shout Science! After receiving two positive reviews and a mention in the Guardian, it moved up to the #25 spot in free books and was listed in the “New & Noteworthy” Section of the iPad Education App store. Take a look:

The Guardian: Apps Blog: 20 Best iPhone & iPad Apps This Week (#16)

Smart Apps for Kids: Good Free App of the Day

“I am very impressed with this app. My 11 year old is a science and history nut with an encyclopedic memory, and he even learned a lot from these books.”

Apps Playground:
“It’s apps like Shout Science! that make me jealous of the opportunities kids have today to get interested in science.”

New & Noteworthy


Shout Science! Debuts in the iPad App Store

- July 21, 2013 -

After many months of hard work, I’m happy to share Shout Science! with you. Download it now from the iPad App Store for free.

It was inspired by and designed for my students at the Khabele Elementary School. However, I hope it will have an appeal to anyone who has a love of science, history, or kids comics.

Thank you to Timbuktu Magazine and my amazing friends and family for making these stories possible.

Update: Shout Science just got it’s first review! Read it on Apps Playground.


From “James Hutton and the Theory of the Earth”


Shout Science! Preview Video

- June 26, 2013 -

I just finished a video preview of Shout Science! Take a look:

Also on YouTube

I’ve designed it from the start with reading comprehension in mind, so animation, interactivity, and sound are used to further the story–not distract from it. Right now, I’m about to send the app out to beta testers. We’re getting really close to app store submission time. I hope you like what you see & stay tuned!



Hello world!

- May 31, 2013 -

Welcome to the new shout! I’m still working on the app, but it is dangerously close to being finished now. There is no set launch date, because of the store approval process, but it should be some time over the summer. Until then, take a look at some of the scrollable screenshots on our homepage, sign up for email updates, and follow us on Facebook to keep in touch.


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